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Find out what you can do to help make our town safer and more Mother and child friendly, Keep our older active residents safe and secure in their town, Keep the children of Somerton Safe from injury and accident.

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So here is  half of Team P ( Peter  Richardson ) and myself  ( I’m taking the shot ). Bringing  SID site no. 6 online for the residents of Somerton. Behind  Berry will be on the regular location from March onwards as we in partnership with  Compton Parish  Council share  SID units each month so we  can have 2 sites every 2 weeks. Plus very shortly will will have a site  in Sutton Road by the footpath to Tom Tits lane, as well as  Gassons  Lane another speed black spot. If you are interested in becoming in any way part of the campaign to reduce speeds and the danger they cause to residents please make contact and talk to us at Somerton Community Speed Watch

You may have noticed the  Speed Indicator Device on our Somerton roads, It has been collecting data from the pre-Christmas period to February. For those that  would like to  know the data that is collected, it is here for you to see.

SID data collected from December 17th up to December 27th

SID Data Collected From 27th Dec to 5th Jan. Langport road

The total SID  data set for West Street 6th Jan to 21st Jan

 SID data Collected from Pesters Lane. 21st Jan to 29th Jan

SID data Collected from Langport Rd 4th Feb to 7th Feb

SID data Collected from Langport Rd 11th Feb to 19th Feb

Looking for feedback from Somerton residents. We now  have our Speed indicator Device. Not only  does it tell you your speed and warn you when you are speeding. It also records data that gives definitive details of what the traffic is really doing ….both ways……Lets me know your views please by going to here and  giving feedback at the end of the survey in option 6.