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Here is  in interesting fact about  official Town Council Emails….

At its simplest, it isn't a breach of GDPR. - Public sector emails are fully subordinate to an FOI request, you must assume everything you write can / may end up on the front page of your local paper. [ Disclosure, part of my day-job is GDPR - and stopping businesses from claiming 'GDPR!!', every time they refuse to do something ]

Quoted from the Councillor Q&A web site

Important FOI information

I had occasion to ask for  a FOI (Freedom of Information act 2000) of Somerton Town Council emails where my name and the reopening of the skate park appeared in any text. From the period April 30th to 20th May 2020. The results of that  FOI were received on time and as both  Hard copy and a PDF file. That File is fully available to the electorate of Somerton. I make no further comment but publish so you may make your own judgment of the contents. It is an illustration on how your Council previously operated under the Delegated powers. As of July 14th those arrangements have now ceased.  Also in the sprit of openness, I may be  taking the matter up with SSDC Standards committee, as well as the  ICO (Information Commissioners Office) . As there have been whole paragraphs that have been illegally redacted in my judgment for which no explanation has been offered.  

I welcome your views. After you have read the PDF’s, links below

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Gassons Lane  Sports Field Drug  issue…

A very sad day today whilst walking around the playing field tonight  a group of  teenagers  appeared to be smoking 

“Dope” or a derivative in the upturned  Football dugouts (Now  removed from area). Whilst  dozens of  footballers trained only a few yards away. On speaking to a trustee  and member of the management committee. Who showed no interest in the fact, would not intervene, But  later told me they did go over and talk to the youths after a while and explained that being only 5 -10 yards from children of no more than 5 or 10 years old playing on the skate park and the play park. The police  have been informed and according to a conversation with a local  A&S constable I had a promise of  visits to the area at various times of the day and evening.  Should you wish add any comment or personnel experience about this activity you can use the police reference number  AS-20200710-0175. 

As of 21st Jan.2021 I have been informed that there have been 2 arrests of under 18’s around the area for possession of  Drugs. Their parents have been informed and  prosecution will proceed as per normal.