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Quoted from the Councillor Q&A web site

Proposed New  Development of Recreation Ground

This may have been updated… but as per…. it’s not easy get the details.


You will have seen in this months viaduct, A visual plan from the trust for a new building, well that is not the complete story take a look at the site plan below. It also includes removing the Somerton Sports Club, the Snooker Club, the skittle ally and the disabled loos and public loos. That is to  make way for  a 3rd  tennis court next to the ones already there. You know the ones that were placed the wrong way round so the sun shines in your eyes when serving. But it gets a little more interesting in as much as they want to  remove the  very popular Skate board area and …….Move it down next to the Bowls club by the  Shipping Containers. Plus there now is a road from Gassons Lane to  Langport road. How safe is that with people and children wandering.

It even gets a little worse on safety grounds the NEW Bar and function room will be on the  first floor, So imaging 50 to 80 people in the bar, the capacity looks more like 150 plus and because of an emergency, perhaps  fire from the kitchen on the same level you have to  vacate the area by ……….. just 3  emergency doors onto a balcony to  3 lots of stairs and a lift.

As a plan I believe it is very poorly thought out. The original 3.4 acres of the recreation ground belongs to the people of Somerton thru a recreation Ground Trust. Although now members of the community can no longer use it thanks to  dubious erection of a barrier around the original Football field. IMO contrary to the original trust document and the desire of those that fund raised for it ’s purchase….( I have the minutes ) going back to just after the war when the original playing area was moved from the King Ina area to the Gassons Lane site. The other 7-8 acres of green field is Leased on a  99 year lease signed in the early 1990’s. It’s a very inconvenient fact that I have been involved with the Recreation Ground since 1976 and the current Trust and ground management believe I and my views and others who share them, should be  silenced and in the case of the  The covid 19 safety audit  I undertook as well as the drugs and litter problem verbally abused in both written format and vocally. Not that that has ever made me modify my views on the greatest asset the residence of Somerton own for their recreation, sports and social interaction.

Here are the full set of plans presented for the consultation.