The Playing field Incident. 

 Myself and  a Mrs W. were walking the lower end of the new sports field being watched by a group of youths, When we got close to the Goal posts a youth ran to a ball on the left hand edge of the field. Several of the youths in the group started kicking the  ball around Mrs W. and myself, very close indeed to each other as they surrounded us while we walked. Both Mrs W and I remarked that we both thought the ball was going to be in contact with us.

The activity was designed to be intimidating and seemed to be initiated by the older youth. As we passed the containers on the left The Black youth in the video looked both left then right and kicked the ball directly at us, hitting Mrs W. At which point I challenged the youth not to be a F*****  Twat and apologise to Mrs W which he did. 

Refer to  Mrs W. statement for her view of this incident and her interaction with the youth While  Mrs  W. walked on I was surrounded by at least 4 youths while others were further back using their  Phones to record events. I was pushed to the ground twice, by the second time  Mrs  W. videoed the incident. 

This NOT a complete Statement of the incident.

These 2 adult males arrived at my door around 8:15 ish, knocked on the door  which I opened and proceeded to issue threats to myself such as   “your a dead man” if I catch you out walking I am going to  get you, Calling me a Pedophilia, Which I emphatically deny.When I tried after asking them to leave my property at least 3 times to  close the  door, one of them either kicked it back open or pushed it with such force that it injured my chest and rib cage. At which point my wife bravely put her self in  between the 2 thugs and my self. Then she was  then threatened by the Thug on the right with physical harm and if she ever was seen on her own outside she would be physically harmed. At which point I took  a golf club  (putter) which I always have by the door and my wife  managed to close the door on them. I then came back into the living room and began filming the car they arrived in and the following video shows the next episode of threatening behaviour  we were subjected too that evening. I believe I now have their names.

This NOT a complete Statement of the incident.