Phil Flowers

Your Independent candidate

for Somerton Town Council

Campaigning for:-

  • Highways safety and improvements. 
  • Recreational use of lanes and paths.
  • Rational housing policies for young and old.
  • Recreational and leisure development.
  • Fulfilling the needs of Somerton residents in Health, Work, Business and Transport.
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurial Enterprise for Somerton.
  • High speed Internet for all and 4g/5g mobile coverage.

This website is for information about me  and my political beliefs and what I would like to  see for our wonderful Town of Somerton and surrounding areas

I ask for your support and vote on May 2nd election,

there are 16 candidates for 15 places so an election will take place

Prepare for the journey ahead.

Links to  National Government and organisation that I use.

Above are the links I use to get the information about National events and actions. The Westminster Library website is a valuable source to information that our MP’s use. “They Work for you” allows you to see how you’re MP’s Votes on issues and legislation. The link to Our MP’s for Somerton & Frome constituency.

Please use your polling card and vote for the Somerton you want. Despite the  machinations of  Westminster. Your vote is very important, please do vote in the Local Election

This website has been created by Phil Flowers and published by Phil Flowers.

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